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We came in force with Stéphanie Pillonca to present INVINCIBLE SUMMER this Sunday at 2.30pm at the American Film Festival in Deauville.

In the audience were producers Pierre-Antoine Capton and Christophe Pinguet. The distributor, François Clerc. The financier, Julien Delajoux. And a few people you'll recognize from the screen. Friends Xavier and Jean-Philippe. One of our sons, Louis. And of course, my wife Virginie.

As you watch the film, you'll also understand why Deauville is so dear to our hearts. This is where we began shooting the first images in May 2022.

To take things a step further, you'll be able to see photos from the film on display at the Franciscaines in Deauville. During the Planches Contact festival from October to January.


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