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We've won a very special prize today. The Prix Coup de Coeur within the walls of the International Documentary Festival - FIPADOC. I was so proud to come to Biarritz to receive it (Stéphanie was unfortunately held up on a shoot).

The prize is awarded by a jury of inmates from Bayonne prison, who unanimously chose INVINCIBLE ETE!

Inevitably, we sensed similarities in our conditions... We ALS sufferers, prisoners of our bodies...

Allow me to share a personal anecdote with you. Stéphanie Pillonca and I had already tried to organize screenings/debates of the film in prison. But the prison management turned us down. "Your film is too intellectual for them". This unanimous award is the best response to prejudice.

Fipadoc 2024 closing ceremony © Mathias Fennetaux - Fipadoc or Agence Photomobile - Fipadoc


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