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Discover Paris Brain Institute (ICM)

Paris Brain Institute (ICM) is a research center of international dimension, innovative in its conception as in its organization. By bringing together patients, doctors and researchers in the same place, the objective is to enable the rapid development of treatments for nervous system injuries in order to apply them to patients as quickly as possible. Coming from all horizons and all countries, the best scientists develop the most advanced research in this field.

All proceeds from this project shall be donated to the Paris Brain Institute, located at the Pitié Salpétrière hospital in Paris, for ALS research. Olivier already supports the Institute where he is a major donor. You can make a tax-free donation directly here. More than $1,500,000 have already been collected.

In addition, co-producers Mediawan and Olivier Goy are committed to donating all profits from the film to the Institute.


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