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Back from Japan

At this incredible preview in Tokyo on November 15, I learned:

- that while Japanese audiences never react during a film (no crying, laughing or noises), the warmth of their welcome is nonetheless real! It's expressed in the intimacy of the post-film discussion.

- that every date is an opportunity for a gift 🎁 Luckily I had a few Invincible t-shirts on me...

- that I thought I was an organized guy... but no!

- that no show doesn't exist in Japan!

Huge thanks:

- Ichiro, my friend and invincible ALS fighter, for making all this possible

- Mediawan Rights, our international distributor

- NHK, Japan's public TV channel, for following us from the moment we got off the plane to the premiere.

- JCDecaux and BNP Japan for coming out in force

- Céline, Xavier and Jean-Philippe for traveling 18,000 kms to see a film they've seen 15 times...

- Virginie, my light-hating wife, for getting up on stage to give a speech in English and Japanese 😅

- Stéphanie for making such a great film with a universal message 🙏

And that's just the beginning of our Japanese adventure 🇯🇵 Stay tuned!


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